It’s amazing how technology just keeps pushing the boundaries of making everything in our lives efficient. Even during the height of the pandemic where the whole world made a full stop, technology on the other hand just seemed to keep on developing and thanks to social media, information about new tech remained constant. Health tech companies continually innovated and online shopping skyrocketed into glory. From then, the trend of being wired to everything became more and more of a reality.

I believe in the saying that the future is now as we constantly strive to make things easy and efficient for ourselves. Whole “Smart Homes” are being built where so much of our environment can be controlled from a phone or tablet connected to the internet. When we go to work, our smartwatch monitors our steps, heartbeat, and can even notify us about certain house movements as we could even be connected to our houses’ CCTV cameras. Your watch would also remind you of your bookings and meetings and can be connected to your company’s booking room system. Setting up a meeting from afar or on the go is hassle free. So much of your daily life can be controlled from a small electronic device.

The part that scares many people is that there’s a high chance technology will become so prominent in our daily lives that it will be almost impossible to live (ironically), a hassle free life without it. Fears about personal information leaks, social media hacking and all other phishing schemes have also increased during these times.

It is important for us to stay aware and strive to create a balance of how much technology we want to be around us versus having freedom from it. There also needs to be more clarity on how much information about ourselves is available publicly – certainly if the average person had any idea how easily accessible their personal data is online they would be shocked, to put it lightly. Such information can be used to commit identity theft and access even more personal details, so since technology continues to progress, the dark side of the tech world will also continue to grow.

Safety is the reason why it is encouraged you create numerous email accounts for various online activities or accounts you might have. Don’t just use one email for everything and certainly don’t use the same password or pin for everything either as this is almost the number one safety deficiency for most people. Also, regularly change your password and never reveal personal information such as your address, phone number and other personal details on social media platforms. Cyber criminals are sneaky and get creative by checking and stalking peoples’ social media accounts to look for details to take advantage of. Don’t accept friend requests from someone you don’t know at all and keep your friends list to people you actually know in order to minimise risk.

Technology plays a big part and will continue to play a more prominent part of our daily lives and there is not much we can do about it except stay aware and understand its benefits and detriments. While much of what is developed and implemented (especially by the government) is beyond our control, awareness and understanding of its impact on our day-to-day life are of utmost importance to creating a good balance.

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