Having grown up in one of the world’s major metropolis’, London, I have always had everything required for a successful career in any professional sector, on my doorstep. However, at some point during my career in sales, I began to feel stagnant. The work environment was no longer conducive to my learning and the intense competition became overbearing. I began to feel a change of scenery was needed, but I was not willing to give up everything I had worked hard for up until then. Thoughts of leaving the country crossed my mind but it was a step too far for me, so I settled for moving out to the countryside and splitting my week up between working at the office and remotely.


One of my biggest concerns about leaving the city with regards to my career, was whether I could still stay on my superiors’ radar even though I would be reducing my time in the office. Initially I did feel like it was case of “out of site, out of mind”, but I forced my work in their faces and continuously maintained communication with them and it worked. I was being included in more conversations about potential and on-going projects, and the feedback was that the quality of my work had improved. Commuting to work less often and living around more greenery absolutely had a positive impact on my mental health within the first few months. It really helps not having to wake up early and travel so often during winter in the name of selling raincoats for women, thanks to remote working.


By working remotely, I was able to dedicate more time to my work, which was increasingly becoming online based. In this sense, moving outside of the city had a positive effect on my work ethic, which had previously suffered from tiredness and repetitiveness. While moving out of the city reduced my first hand experience of current fashion trends, the abundance of style sources on the internet more than compensated for this. Being in sales once required me to be more hands on and face-to-face with potential clients, but over the past few years, remote work has become much more possible and even expected.


While living in a major city has many positives – close proximity to clients and more job opportunities – it it clear for me that much of my work can be done remotely, without the need to be at the office. Not only do I find this beneficial for myself, but my employer is planning on downsizing the office space during a time when lease prices are rising rapidly. I am not the only employee to move out of the city; others have done so for other reasons such as to save money, but my career has almost certainly progressed thanks to my improved working environment.

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