As a person or as a business, it doesn’t really need to be explained as to why security is important. A business will have inventory or documents needed to be kept safe and secure, more so especially if they are confidential details of clients and customers. We have seen recently in the media, certain huge household name companies who have been victim of cyber-security attacks, putting their customer’s details at risk. The result – record breaking, eye-watering fines. With them being made an example of, this sends a message to companies to take security protection very seriously. Here are a few tips that your business can use to improve their all-round security.

Restrict access

This is the simplest way you can prevent property, physical or digital, from being stolen is to simply restrict access to it. If you have a store, only a select few employees should possess the keys for it and it should be tracked. Areas that are even more sensitive, such as maybe the cash room, should have even more restricted access to it. If you have an office, consider installing a simple visitor management system where anyone that enters the building is registered digitally, and access is not granted to unexpected visitors.

For digital security, ensure your IT department is able to track access to digital equipment, and see the websites and files that the person logged in has opened or visited. Often, security is breached by adware and malware that has been opened unintentionally by an unsuspecting employee. While they may not have meant it, the consequences can potentially be devastating.

Ensure the building is properly secured

This may mean investing in stronger windows and doors that can withstand a potential break-in, having an extensive CCTV system throughout the premises, and an alarm system connected to the police. All entry and exit points should have commercial-grade locks, as well as inside areas with sensitive information.

Use a safe

If you are required to keep a lot of cash or other valuable items on hand, it is recommended that you invest in a heavy duty safe, depending on your needs. If you are storing flammable items such as cash and documents, you absolutely need a fireproof case. Remember, security isn’t only about keeping out criminals, but in general protecting what is yours from any type of threat.

Invest in cybersecurity

It shouldn’t surprise you that a vast majority of cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses, usually because they don’t have a dedicated IT team, not the expertise to handle such attacks. The absolute minimum protection should include: a secure wi-fi network, regularly changed passwords, devices updated with the latest software, encryption and data backed-up securely.

By following these tips, you should be building a good foundation for your business. Security is an aspect that many take for granted, thinking that it will never happen to them, but it is definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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