As more and more COVID vaccines are being rolled out, plenty of men and women are heading back into their places of work. As companies are slowly requiring their employees to head back into the office, employees are faced with a new challenge. How can they bring the creature comforts of their home into the office? Because let’s face it, one of the few upsides to the pandemic was being able to work from home in our pyjamas, while eating cereal on the couch, with our favourite Netflix shows playing in the background. So how does one adjust from the caveman or cavewoman life to returning to the office and transforming back into a pre-lockdown, functioning and productive member of society? Here are some suggestions that might help you back into the groove as an office employee:

1) Get Excited!

The most exciting part about having to head back into the office is being able to leave your house for something other than groceries, and let’s be honest, some of us didn’t even leave our home for groceries (thank you online shopping and same-day delivery). So, get excited by starting fresh and revamping your office wardrobe, because let’s face it, the “lockdown 15” is real. Yes, most of us gained a few pounds during our forced hibernation. So, pick up a few key pieces to hold you over until you lose those few pounds. Try picking up a pair of comfy trousers and a fresh button down to help ease the transition back into the office. A little retail therapy can ease the soul! 

2) Bring in the familiar

The office may smell a bit musty or odd after a few months of minimal use so bring in scents that smell like home. This doesn’t necessarily mean bringing freshly baked cookies into the office, although I’m sure your officemates would be overjoyed. You can, however, bring in your favourite scents such as your choice of perfume or cologne. For example, that new fresh and fruity, Montblanc explorer 100ml bottle that you bought before lockdown hit could do the trick! Or a personal air diffuser with lively essential oil can make your space feel a bit cosier. Bringing in a soft throw or that succulent you’ve been nursing can help brighten up your office space and make it feel like a home away from home.

3) Change your mindset

Finally, remember that change is good! Yes, you may have gotten used to keeping your Zoom camera off so that your boss remains unaware that you haven’t left your bed for a week, but nothing compares to being able to actually leave your home and interact with people in person. Keep the hope alive, the “new normal” may be slowly going back to the “old normal.” That’s something we should all be looking forward to!

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