Each person has his or her own unique scent which can have an impact on other people. The natural scent in its worse state is probably on its worst when a person is sweating, but outside of perspiration, a natural scent can be quite attractive. So, instead of overloading your body with a synthetic perfume, you can enhance your natural scent with the right fragrance.

There is a world of various scents and perfumes out there, all promising to do one thing or the other; attract a possible love interest from the opposite gender, make a good first impression in a job interview or make you stand out from a big crowd. But sometimes, keeping it simple is going to make the best subtle impression – something that can often be achieved with a molecule perfume.

The mysterious molecule

The interesting thing about the molecule perfumes only use single notes in their fragrances, making them very subtle yet alluring. The Molecule 01, for example, only contains Iso E Super which comes off as a woody note. This is a note that is going to mesh with the skin chemistry of the person wearing it and enhance the natural scent of the person.

The molecule perfume works in a mysterious way that can make it hard for the wearer to smell the scent on him- or herself, but you can be sure that the people around you will be smelling you and wondering what you are wearing.

Unique scent for everyone

Because the molecule perfume works with your unique body chemistry, the scent is going to smell unique on each person. That is also why this perfume will work the best when it is sprayed on the skin and not the clothes.

the great thing about the molecule perfume is that it is unisex – it can work for both genders as it simply enhances the skin’s scent with a lovely woody note. That also makes this molecule perfume a great present for anyone who wants to smell great and make a good impression without drawing the attention of the whole room.

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